Life is not an accident.


Life is a character test and the consequences of failure aren't fully considered by most until they face the abyss.

To begin to heal you must first begin to trust yourself. That is, to say to yourself that ‘it is not me that the madness must be removed from’ but rather, ‘it is me that I must remove from the madness’. I am not here to convince you that there is a problem. If you can not see that for yourself by now then nothing I can say will enlighten you. No, what I am here trying to do is to convince you that you are the solution. So if you can see the problem read on, if not there is other work for you to do.

As I have said, few are willing to speak out about the lies told by the authorities because of the resistance it will bring. We are now witnessing many people who have begun to speak but sadly, soon we will see many of them destroyed. While their heart is in the right place they do not understand what it is that they are up against and they all will lose everything they value and many will lose their lives. This is because they falsely believe that they are on the side of good and they are different than those they oppose but I can assure you that they are not.

What is currently happening is that many of the people who have benefited from this system are beginning to see the evil in it. This is frightening them and they want to change it. They want things to return to ‘normal’ but that is not possible. The system is, has and always will be evil. This will never change. So we have only two choices. Continue to support an evil system by trying to change it into something it can never be or remove ourselves from it.